Reasons for Regular Chimney Cleaning


People love fireplaces. Few things can compare with the warm comfort of a roaring fire on a chilly eve. But a fireplace can also be a potential source of danger. There are important reasons that you need a clean chimney. Fire prevention experts say that many lives are tragically lost annually and millions of dollars in property damage sustained due to chimney fires. These deadly and costly fires could have been prevented if the owner had their chimney routinely serviced.


The importance of a clean chimney can’t be taken for granted; the chimney and the flue inside it are responsible for transporting the smoke away from the fireplace and out of the house. There are two main benefits of a clean chimney; it helps the fireplace to function properly and efficiently and it helps prevents the buildup of highly flammable creosote debris.


A Clean Chimney is a Safe Chimney


One of the byproducts of that crackling fire homeowners enjoy is creosote which is carried by smoke into the chimney. Some of the creosote builds up on the walls of the chimney. If the creosote becomes too great, it will catch fire. Chimney fires can silently spread to other parts of the home in a very short period of time. Heavy creosote buildup can also constrict the flow of carbon monoxide (which is a toxic, odorless gas) through the chimney and outside the home. We all know that carbon monoxide is a great threat to the well being of all occupants within a structure.


A clean chimney will also ensure that your fireplace is operating at its most efficient, which will provide homeowners the most heat while also reducing the amount of smoke that gets into the house.


Now that you know the reasons you need a clean chimney, a rational question would be: How often should I my chimney cleaned?


Many experts advise having the chimney inspected and cleaned every year. There are also some red flags or warning signs that homeowners should not ignore: a buildup of soot on the damper or chimney walls; smoke inside the home when fires are burned; a burning smell even when the fireplace is not ignited.


Finally, home owners must decided if they are able to do the job right? or should they contact a professional chimney cleaning service?


That decision is for the homeowner to make. But be careful: amateur chimney cleaning is a messy job that requires the strength for climbing and heavy breathing. In addition to keeping the chimney clean, a professional chimney cleaning technician, typically known as a chimney sweep, is also able to detect potentially dangerous flaws that need immediate repair.