How To Prepare for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Manufacturers say that you should have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. Carpets trap large amounts of dirt and debris that are harmful to inhale. The more foot traffic on the carpet the more dirt and debris that is released into your air. Professional carpet cleaners ensure that your carpet is free of all dirt and debris. Being prepared for a professional cleaner can help reduce cleaning time and ensure no dirt is missed.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a professional carpet cleaner:

Try to be present the day of the cleaning if possible. Directly talking with the cleaner may benefit both parties as any questions can be answered. This is also a great time to inform the cleaners of any special requests or priority areas.

Make sure that all pets are in a kennel or a comfortable area with their food and water available to them. This is for your pet’s own protection as well as your peace of mind. This ensures that the animals won’t be able to escape the property, and ensures the animal does not bother the cleaners. Most animals do not like the sound of vacuuming and are best to be off the property if possible.

Try to move all furniture and other items in rooms that will not be cleaned. Our cleaners will move any furniture if necessary but moving them ahead of time will save the cleaner time and energy. The less clutter, the easier it is to properly clean a room. Less furniture and items also ensures that nothing can be knocked over or damaged. Cleaners will be cautious around any breakables, and cautious can be time consuming. Try to have all breakables in a safe place.

Try to vacuum the floors thoroughly before the carpet cleaners arrive. Any additional dirt and fibers in your carpet makes our job more difficult. Our method of cleaning your carpet will involve water which means the surface dirt becomes mud inside the carpet. It is always easier to vacuum surface dirt rather than washing it away. Vacuuming the floors will also help you and our cleaners identify the high priority areas: stains in your carpet where there is the most foot traffic.

Try to collect any coupons that the our business may be offering. If you don’t see any in the local news paper or flyers, call us directly and ask what our current specials are and our staff will be happy to provide you with all the details. We always offer cleaning specials on our website and even offer bundle saving packages. Write down future appointments and keep them near your checkbook. Paying by check ensures that all payments are made on time and all information is properly organized.

Take a before photo of all your carpets before our cleaners arrive. We stand by our methods and employees and guarantee that we will transform your old musty carpet into a virtually new carpet. If you compare the before and after photos and you are not impressed, let us know and we will make it right. We guarantee that you will be happy that you chose our service rather than buying a new floor.

Once the cleaners have finished it is essential for no foot traffic on the wet carpet. We recommend staying off the carpet for at least 12 hours to let it properly clean. Foot traffic not only adds dirt to the wet carpet, it also creates foot indents that make your carpet look worn and take away from the cleaning. This is a good chance to have a night away from your home. Maybe go have dinner and see a movie, or visit with friends. When you return home avoid all carpet as best as you can.

When you wake up the next day you will be greeted by your fresh and clean carpet. Regular scheduled carpet cleaning will ensure that your carpet looks brand new no matter what walks over it.