Murphy Bed Installs Fort McMurray

What is a Murphy Bed?



murphy bedThe Murphy Bed was invented in San Francisco by inventor William Murphy, the idea came to him at a time when real estate was booming and smaller homes were the norm. Murphy was single and lived a bachelor pad that didn’t offer much more then a place to lay his head. Being a single guy living in the city where he couldn’t really afford a larger space but wanting to entertain his girlfriend in a time when proper young ladies didn’t go into a gentleman’s bedroom, Murphy came up with a way to build a full size bed into a closet space that could fold down. And the Murphy Bed was born.



Murphy patented his fold away bed idea with its space saving properties and it became one of the hottest furnishings for homes that didn’t have a lot of free space. The idea spread like wildfire and you can now find Murphy beds all around the world in hotels, apartments, offices, hospitals and fire stations.

Murphy Bed installers of Fort McMurray


Once again this great idea is being put to use in Fort McMurray where property is very expensive and home owners are making the most out of the space they have. Many people will rent single rooms out to others that are working in the oilfield but don’t have a big enough budget to rent a full apartment that can cost several thousand dollars per month. The Murphy bed allows the home owner to build a space where the bed can be folded away to allow the renter more area for relaxing. Some of the Murphy bed designs have desks built in, or even bookshelves.



Not only do these designs allow home owners the ability to offer spacious rooms to renters where they can earn as much as a thousand dollars per room per month to help pay their mortgage, the rooms are very functional for other reasons such as a spare bedroom that leaves space for that workout area you always wanted.



If you are looking to remodel your living space in Fort McMurray have Home Pros come out for a free estimate and show you some Murphy bed designs that might work for you. Home Pros Group is also leading provider of other home services such as carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, maid service, home security and more, in Fort McMurray Call Home Pros at 780-747-1275. Home Pros also operates in Edmonton and can be reached at 780-455-1133