Home Security on a Budget

Home Security – Smoke and Mirrors Work


Home SecurityDo you have a home security system? Do you have a Home security plan? The home protection industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet today but it can be very expensive. Can you create a safer home for your family without breaking the bank? The answer is yes!


Grass Roots Home Security

Home security is not only about have a security system installed and monitored by a professional company. Home security can be much more grass roots then that, making your home less of a target when compared to other homes in the same area is a great start. Here are a few basics that can make your home less attractive to criminals

  1. Put up security system signs even if you don’t have one. These signs are available on the internet cheap and make criminals think twice and maybe choose an easier target that they perceive doesn’t have a security system.
  2. Motion sensor lighting. Motion sensors that turn on the lights as soon as people enter areas of your property are a great deterrent, people that are breaking into other people’s property don’t want to be seen, so having your area light up can cause them to move onto other properties.
  3. Fake video cameras and signs. Put up a fake video camera in a area where people can see it in operation, these camera’s usually have a battery operated blinking light that helps convince the criminal that they are on camera, back this up with a sign that reads 24 hour security surveillance and you have an effective security deterrent.
  4. The barking dog. There are systems on the market today with speakers that will emit a barking dog noise when the motion detector goes off. When criminals were interviewed asking them what scares them most about home invasions getting attacked by a dog was a bigger worry then getting arrested by the police.


Home Security on a Budget

All of the above suggestions have been proven to help reduce the risk of home invasion and provide a form of home security even if it is smoke and mirrors. We have all heard the saying about I don’t have to out run the bear in the woods, I only have to out run my buddy. Home security can also take a lesson from this, while we don’t want our neighbour to be in any danger either, making our homes more secure is our main focus and having a smoke and mirrors home security system is place is better than having nothing at all.


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