Furnace Cleaning for the Do-It-Yourself Types

Easy Furnace Cleaning Guide


furnace cleaningMost home in Alberta are heated with natural gas furnaces, the furnace burns natural gas to provide heat which is then carried through a heat exchanger where air provided by the furnace fan passes over and carries the heated air in the duct system and is distributed throughout the house. It is very important to keep the furnace system clean so that it maintains its heating efficiency and avoids costly breakdowns.


The typical home owner doesn’t think much about their heating and cooling systems until something goes wrong and they are either really cold or hot, they then call in a service company to fix it. A lot of times the problem is the home owner didn’t clean or replace a dirty filter or neglected basic maintenance on the furnace causing it to stop working.

Furnace Cleaning Tips



Keeping a furnace clean or changing the filter are very simple tasks that most home owners can perform on their own once shown how. The following steps will keep you safe and keep your heating system working better and more efficient with some furnace cleaning tips.



  • Shut the power off, find your emergency shut off switch or use the breaker to make sure the furnace is powered off.
  • Take the doors off the furnace, usually take the top door off first then the bottom door. Reverse this step when you go to put it back together.
  • Take you vacuum with the soft brush attachment and vacuum out the bottom compartment around the blower area. Clean the floor, walls, and the motor casing. Clean the door its self and put the door back on the furnace.
  • Take the same vacuum attachment and clean the tray just below the gas burners, be careful not to touch the ignition area if you have a furnace with electronic ignition and stay away from the pilot light if you have a older furnace that still uses this technology.
  • Clean the side walls, vent motor casing and the inside of the door. Put the top door back on and make sure that both doors are secure.
  • Replace the furnace filter every month, there is usually an arrow on the filter and this arrow should be facing the furnace. The arrow is indication the direction of the airflow.


The Furnace Filter and Furnace Cleaning


The furnace filter is one of the most important things that you can do as a home owner to protect your furnace system or at least the most basic art of do-it-yourself furnace cleaning. A dirty filter is the most common reason that service companies are called out to repair furnaces or air conditioners. A clogged filter makes it harder for a furnace to breath and supply air to the blower, this causes the motor to burn out. Most people don’t really think about changing their furnace filter because it is out of sight and we don’t see how dirty they get. If your kitchen floor or windows were full of dirt you would clean it but when you don’t see the filter it’s easy to forget about it. The filter should be replaced every month to every three months depending on where you live and if you run your furnace fan during the summer months for air conditioning or to just circulate air around the house.


It’s a good idea to run your furnace fan during the summer even without air conditioning if only to filter the air in your home, just remember to change that filter every month. Cleaning the burner area and the fan compartment at least once per is recommended, this will help the furnace to keep running at peak efficiency when it is needed most.

If doing furnace cleaning service yourself is not your cup of tea, call Home Pros of Fort McMurray 780-747-1275 for professional service.