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Flood & Fire Restoration Companies


Fire RestoationHave you just gone through a devastating home fire? Choosing a fire restoration company can be a difficult choice but time is of the essence. Dealing with the aftermath of a house fire is both devastating and traumatic, trying to coup with losing so many personal belonging and trying to salvage what remains is a tough job. The best thing you can do is act quickly, choosing the fire restoration company quickly can save you huge amounts of money and sometimes restore personal belongings if they haven’t been sitting to long.


Soft Contents Fire Restoration


In a house fire much of the damage is caused not only by the fire but also the smoke. Smoke damaged clothing and soft contents can be saved using a fire restoration company that has an Esporta system that is designed to remove smoke damage and the odors that go with it. Personal items such as clothing and kids teddy bears help a family get back to normal faster well the longer term projects such as repairing the house are ongoing.


Hard Contents Fire Restoration


Hard contents such as dishes, appliances that have not been damaged, furniture and electronics can also be restored using special techniques and equipment.


Fire Restoration – First Respondents

A fire restoration company will not only take care of your soft and hard contents but also be the first respondents after the fire has been extinguished, cleaning out the water left behind by the fire fighting effort. Removing water, soaked flooring and drywall prevents the spread of mold and bacteria. The fire restoration company will then put dehumidifiers into the home until the area is dry enough to start re-construction efforts.



Fire Restoration – Rebuilding your home


Some fire restoration companies will also offer the rebuild portion of the job. Working with you and your insurance company the rebuild will get your home back to pre-disaster condition. This might be a good time to hire the fire restoration contractor to make any changes that you have been thinking about while they have the home under construction already, this is usually an extra charge that your insurance company will not pay for but will be cheaper while doing the other construction repairs.



Take to your insurance company about Fire restoration


Take to your insurance company about being prepared for fire damage, such as having all your receipts of file with the insurance company so that you get your full claim. Insurance companies will also have a list of qualified fire restoration companies that you can interview for the job.



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