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Home Pros Duct Cleaning TruckDuct cleaning removes containment’s such as dust, debris, odors and other pollutants from the ventilation system of your home or building. Once ducting has been cleaned there are less pollutants that can be distributed throughout the home which will improve your indoor air quality and potentially increase the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioning system by allowing the air to move more freely.


Air Duct Cleaning Specialists


Our specialty trained NADCA technicians are professionals in the air duct cleaning industry and it shows, we take our work very seriously and we respect your home. Home Pros technicians always use drop cloths and corner guards and tape over the vents to protect your home from damage when performing our work.


Our professionals are dressed in company uniforms, drive clean professional vehicles and are backed with all the insurance, training and professional respect you should look for in a service company.


Home Pros uses NADCA trained techniques when performing air duct cleaning services such as complete bypass zone cleaning methods where we clean each side of the furnace system individually, this prevents dirt from getting into vital components of the furnace and air conditioning system such as the A coil. It also gives us more suction when we zone the system for cleaning.


Upfront air duct cleaning pricing


At Home Pros we are upfront about our pricing so that there are no surprises when we complete a job. It’s very easy to find out how much a call will cost before a tech ever arrives at your door, just count the total number of registers in your home, and give us a call.


Air Duct Cleaning Equipment


Home Pros uses the best equipment available for cleaning furnace and duct systems. We have state of the art truck mount vacuum systems that create the necessary negative air required to remove the dust and debris from the home. Special agitation tools along with high pressure air are used to dislodge and remove the caked on debris from your duct system.


Home Pros Air Duct Cleaning Services


Let us show you the difference that a certified, qualified and trained professional using proprietary techniques and is backed by a company that strives for excellent customer service can do for you!


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed


Home Pros prides itself on providing home owners with the absolute best air duct cleaning services offered in Fort McMurray. We guarantee a professional result to every air duct cleaning assignment. Your cleaning service is carefully premeditated and closely managed from start to finish to make sure you get the most from your investment. We guarantee you will be pleased with our duct cleaning services every time or your money back.

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Customer Testimonials

Duct & dryer vent cleaning

The technicians called as per request prior to arrival (so we could take care of our dogs). They arrived on time, asked the best location to park the truck and gave a great first impression. Their professional approach to their task was maintained throughout. Once complete they then did a second check to be sure they had not left any mess and that all the vents were back in place. Payment was a breeze and the 5% off coupon was awesome. HomePros WILL be getting my business again! 

Carpet Cleaning

I had Home Pros come in to remove a juice stain that has been on my carpet for the last two months. Ken was great, he explained the process and proceeded to remove the stain and clean the rest of the carpet in the living room. The stain was fully removed thankfully because I would have lost my damage deposit otherwise

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