Why You Should Clean Carpet

A Clean Carpet Looks New

This may be a given, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook just how much better clean carpet looks, and what benefits it provides. Clean, attractive carpet speaks well of your home or business. It creates more of a positive experience for your family or customers. For a business a clean carpet creates a better working environment for your employees which increases morale and overall productivity. Overall a clean carpet provides your business with a fresh, professional look. We pride ourselves in just how great we can make your carpets look.


Clean Carpet Saves You Money

If your carpet looks dirty, you have already waited far too long to get it professionally cleaned. Proper maintenance is key in preserving the look and extending the life of your carpets fabric. Poorly maintained carpet can quickly show the wear caused by continuous foot traffic. If your carpet goes for more than two years without being properly cleaned, the fabrics appearance will drop to 50% or lower, which should be unacceptable. Four years later, it drops to 30%! By getting on a carpet maintenance program, you will greatly extend the life and look of your carpet. After four years, your properly maintained carpet will retain its appearance level above 90%. Letting our trained professionals maintain your carpet will greatly extend its life, thus saving you big in the long run.


Clean Carpet Is Healthy

A carpet acts as a filter; collecting all of the dust, debris and allergens that naturally occur in the air. These allergens, if left to buildup, will be reintroduced into air when someone walks on the carpet fibers. Like any other filter eventually it will fill up and will need to be cleaned out. This is exactly why keeping your carpets clean is so essential to maintaining a clean atmosphere. We can flush all of the debris, dust and allergens out of your carpet, providing your home and business with aclean fresh, healthy atmosphere.